RV Financing arrangement - Get your new car after every two to three years

Its time to give wheels to your dreams!

Now you have the freedom to change your car every 2-3 years and upgrade your lifestyle through Pak Suzuki One Window Solution with Suzuki RV Financing arrangement

But how?

  • Get your car on lowest monthly instalment through RV Financing (approx. 40% lower monthly instalment)
  • With Suzuki RV Financing arrangement, you can pay up to 60% of your car financing amount at the end of financing tenure (which we call Residual Value amount). So, loan amount is less than half and the instalments are approx. 40% less!
  • After 2-3 years upgrade to a new car utilizing Pak Suzuki One Window Solution. Just return the car. Pak Suzuki through its dealerships will facilitate in getting guaranteed right Market value of your car
  • Pak Suzuki is offering BUY BACK GUARANTEE for up to 3 years
  • So, the dealership will pay the RV amount to the bank and remaining amount can be utilized in down payment of new car
  • So, you get a new car every 2-3 years and get following benefits:

  • - Good Resale /Market value of your used car by Pak Suzuki Dealership
  • - After paying the bank the RV amount, utilize remaining amount in down payment of new car
  • - Free Registration
  • - Discounted Markup Rates (up to K + 3%)
  • - Discounted Insurance Rates (up to 1.99%)
  • - You don’t have to pay any early settlement charges if you settle the loan and get new car. In this way, you can get new car again on low monthly instalments

This is not all, you can settle the loan at any time during financing tenure

So new car and new lifestyle every 2-3 years

Terms and conditions apply,

  • Available for models are Alto, WagonR and Cultus
  • Maximum RV up-to 60% of loan amount
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