Training Sessions at Karachi University

Suzuki Pakistan conducted Trainings comprised of (Safe Driving Techniques, Kaizen & 5S Management) for students & staff at Karachi University on 24th June’ 2024 in collaboration with Karachi University Directorate of Students’ Guidance, Counseling and Placement Bureau.

The purpose of Safe Driving Techniques (SDT) training was to provide students & Staff with knowledge about Safe & Defensive driving Techniques, Traffic Rules & Regulations, Traffic signs, Counter Measures in Emergency Situations, Vehicle Maintenance Tips, etc., session was comprised of Theoretical, Pictorial & Videos demonstration. While the purpose of Kaizen & 5S Trainings was to introduce Students & staff to Japanese working culture & methodologies Kaizen & 5S Management (based on Theoretical & Practical examples to understand the concepts), so that the students & staff would be able to learn, implement & take benefits from the best practices that are implemented in industries & especially in Pak Suzuki Motor Co. Total 49 participants attended these sessions.

Safety Instructions Booklet & Certificates of Participation also given to participants.

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