Donation of “Way to Happiness” Booklet to SAHEE

Pak Suzuki has donated 5,100 (Five Thousand One Hundred) “Way to Happiness” Booklets to the request of SAHEE (Society for the Advancement of Health, Education and the Environment), which will be distributed among the prisoners for their rehabilitation and development to live normal and happy life by following the right path. This 76 pages’ booklet will provide the user an information about Happiness, how to Take Care of self, Maintaining Life Balance, Respect & Help others, Setting Good Examples, Avoiding Bad Deeds, etc. SAHEE is a non-profit service organization, has been working in the field of social betterment since 1996; the organization is changing the prisoner’s Mindsets through its training program called CRIMINON, which comprised of some important activities which are Prisoner Rehabilitation, Prisoner’s Staff Training, Drug Awareness Lectures, Teacher’s Training and Seminars on Value & Ethics, etc. The organization is mainly active in the region of Sindh Jails, however currently it is also providing training in Bahawalpur Central Jail. The CRIMINON Training program has been so successful that over a period of decade around 7,000 prisoners (male & females) have been trained and only one case was reported to commit a crime again; most of the trainees have become trainers and helping others to live a normal & happy life. The donation ceremony was held on Friday 13th March, 2020 at SAHEE Office; Mr. Masafumi Harano, MD & CEO Pak Suzuki and senior officials of Pak Suzuki and SAHEE attended the ceremony.

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